Sunday, March 8, 2009

5-0 Road trip

The Pens bring the 5 game road trip to a close in record breaking fashion, winning them all. They win the biggest game of the trip tonight, beating the Washington Capitals in the shootout 4-3. Crosby, Gonchar, and Guerin all had goals for the Pens, with Crosby getting the lone shoot out goal to get the win. Fleury is playing his balls off right now, doing what needs to be done, which is just what we need from him down the stretch, but sooner or later i think you're going to have to give him a break.

As far as the Caps go, it pains me to say they are a solid hockey team, although their hate status is rising to almost Philly levels. Semin is a d-bag. Backstrom is good, it seems like he is scoring for his own team now instead of putting one-timers in his own net. AO is a dick. His day is coming. I guess he only disrespects the game when he is winning, I couldn't help but notice on the Crosby goal instead of backchecking on a 2 on 1 he was slowly gliding into the zone so he could get a close up of Crosby burying a pass from Guerin. You would never see a lazy play like that from Crosby or Malkin, but AO gets away with it.

The Pens are sitting in 7th place right now, seems like every team above the Pens are winning all their games also. The Rangers won today so we didn't gain any ground on them. REsigning Sean Avery must have been the spark they needed. The Coolest thing would be if The Pens could over take the Flyers to take away all bragging right from a worthless team centered in a worhtless city.

Next Game Tuesday against the Panthers. They can't hang......GO Pens

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