Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Olympic Break

The NHL will be shutdown for a a couple of weeks for the Vancuver Games. The Pens sit just a point out of the top spot in the Atlantic division. Since the Devils have signed Kovalchuk, it seems they cant win a game. Although the Pens are indeed only one point out of the top spot, they backed into this Olympic break losing their last 2 games in overtime, and really not playing all that well for quite some time. This is the thing though, as long as the kinks get worked out in time for the playoffs all will be good in Penguin land. Im not to worried.

It does seem like this team is just going through the motions lately. Win 2, lose 2. Maybe only show up for 2 periods a game. This team is built for the playoffs. It's hard to bring that kind of intensity in Febuary. This is a lot different than last season and even the season before. The Pens were sitting in 10th place at this time last season. They had no choice but to finish strong. This season they have the Luxury of relaxing a bit this time of year. Make no mistake about it, once the trade deadline passes things will be different, the intesity level will pick up.

As far as what Shero does at the trade deadline, there are plenty of rumors swirling, Shero has been brilliant the past 2 seasons, there is no reason to believe he wont be the same this season. And again like clock work it has started. Fleury can't take us there. Even after he already took us there people are saying that. He's not good enough, he's to inconsistant. Do you people know how stupid you sound? Another good one this time of year, we should trade Staal, Stahl, Stall for a winger. This time though it's not for Sid, It's for Geno. There are so many reasons why Staal, Stahl, or Stall for that matter will not be traded. If anyone is gonna be traded its gonna come from the blue line. Actually Shero could set up something interesting from the Dallas stars. We have what they need, they have what we need, sounds good to me.

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