Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Still Early Yet

so far not so good for the Pens new season. Apparently Goalies are bringing there "a" game to the Consol to face the pens. Both games, both opposing goalies have been brilliant to say the least. Whats his name from Philly had a lot of help from the posts and Carey Price committed robbery a numbers of times to keep the habs in the game and eventually win it after Fleury missed played and easy save a minute or so left. Its a shame too because Fleury has been on his game so far, making some incredible saves along the way. It shouldn't take long for the haters to be out voicing their opinion. They are the ones that watch 2 games a year when they are not jerking off to Big Bens late night bar stories. Thats alright let them talk.

As far as everything else, I can't say Im real pleased with what I'm seeing. Reminds me a lot off last season. I'm not going to get into "whose playing well and who isn't" to me it looks like exactly what it is, a new season with a bunch of new faces trying to find some chemistry. We Play the Devils and the 100 million dollar man monday night, so heres to win number one of the season.

Go pens

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