Thursday, December 9, 2010

There is just nothing.....

To talk about right now. everything is going well. Finally the pens have gotten to their game for the entire month of november and so far in december. The Pens beat to the leafs last night to keep the win streak going, Crosbys point streak going and Maf's stellar play streak going. So now what? Kind of boring around Pens nation. Bylsma is even resting Malkin because of a bum knee, so we can't even bitch about him right now, although Madden certainly is still adding his 2 cents (if what he says is actually worth 2 cents).

The one thing that stands out about last nights game against the Leafs was the fact that through all of this winning and great play all around, the third period should be used as a reminder that if you don't play 60 minutes every game bad things can happen. The Pens were "lucky" enough to be up by 4 when everything fell apart. I use the term "lucky" loosely as it was a total domination until that point. That is the first time in a while where we saw a team come out and just put it to the penguins for an entire period, I think the shots ended up 15-2 in favor of the Leafs in the final period. The 3rd period also shows just how disciplined the pens have been during this streak. Lets face it, this is the NHL, all though there is sub par teams, any team on any given night can make you look foolish. The Pens took their foot off the gas for just a period and it took a few huge save from Fleury and a timely goal from Mark Letestu to put it away. To me that is the silver lining of last nights game. Its never easy.

By the way, thats what an enforcer is supposed to do. Not only that, Godard is playing some decent Hockey as of late

Go Pens

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