Sunday, February 8, 2009

Damn- The Pens Lose

I am in no way recapping what took place this afternoon at the hands of the Detroit Reddicks. The Penguins continues their impressive streak of not showing up for afternoon games.
What could be worse than the Pens getting shutout by the wings, Hossa scoring the second goal of the game, and Ty Conklin being the one getting the shut out. I can't remember being more pissed off than i was this afternoon. To make things even worse Peirre Mcguire was there to make dumbass comments about how good the Wings are and how bad the Pens are. After listening to The announcers you would think that Marc Andre Fleury is the worst goalie in the league, Sidney Crosby is just a mediocre player at best. This guy just needs to stop.
This week doesn't get any easier, the Sharks come to town on Wednesday. Arguably the best team in the west, The Pens have no excuses, they have to win.

Go Pens

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