Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There is a season Pens win

It's couldn't have been written any better, A star player putting his team on his back and taking them the distance. Evgeni Malkin did just that, there was noway he was going to be denied tonight.
What a terrible first 2 periods then what a completely different team in the 3rd. with Malkin leading the way the Pens come back from a 3 goal deficit to steal 2 points from the Lightning.

The game started out with a ferocious pace. 10 seconds into the game Fleury has to make a big save on Vinny with his right pad. What a shot and what a save. It didn't take long for the Pens to fire up that worthless power play of theirs. 18:42 Malkin draws a penalty. I don't think the Pens entered the zone, Tampa bay kills it off easily.

Orpik would return the favor by trying to take Malones head off with his stick. Malone hides in the corner and cuts himself to draw some blood. 4:00 penalty to take care of. Things almost got a lot worse when Letang wrists one into the stands, the refs say it was deflected. We got away with one there. That won't be the only thing the Refs screw up this game.
It gets better. coming out of commercial break, Steigy lets us know that it's Satans 1000th career game. He actually only cared about 750 of them.
The Pens end up killing off the double minor and get a Power play of there own as Stamkos interferes with MAF. Again the Lightning kill it off fairly easily although Mckenna did have to make a save or 2.

The Lightning start to get things going again, at 6:56 Roberts sends a pass nice and easy to Downie in front of the net. He completely fans on the shot. What do people see in this lack of skill goon, really.

Ryan Malone would show him how it's done. being in the right spot at the right time, rebound slides out to him in front of the net for an easy tap in. 1-0 Lightning at 4:35 of the first.

The Pens get another power play with a minute left in the first but, don't get excited it's a Pens power play, There usually isn't too much going on.

The Period ends with the Pens only getting 5 shots.

The Lightning kill off the remaining 1:03 of the power play to start the 2nd period. Invincible goalie Mckenna came up with some big saves.

Stamkos kisses the Pipe at 17:10. Fleury had that, as Errey says, there is noway that puck goes in, But another nice bounce gives the Lightning a 2 goal lead at 15:00. Vinny Lecavalier fires a a slap shot, it deflect off of Malkins stick and right to St. Louis for a one timer. Fleury didn't have much of a chance on that one.

Gary Roberts continues his reign of terror by laying out tyler kennedy along the boards. What was interesting about that play was someone also laid out Matt Cooke that should have been an interference call, the puck was no where around him. Again that won't be the last screw up the refs have tonight.

Malkin starts his dominace at 13:20 by throwing some hits to get the team going. Mezaros is the unlucky one that gets in his path. Mezaros would leave the game, not to return. Retaliation by the Lightning give the Pens a 5 on 3 for a full 2:00. Surely the Pens would get one on this. RIght? No dice, Mckenna is a brick wall. He made countless huge saves to keep the Pens off the board. The 5 on 3 is killed and the fans don't like it. Don't boo the Penguins!!

The Pens get another Power play opportunity at 8:48. should i catch the last 2:00 minutes of family guy or should i watch the Pens power play? I picked the Pens, should have watched family guy. The Lightning kill another one.

3:08 a backdoor pass to Vinny. 3-0 Lightning. FLeury maybe should have stopped that pass. Letang didn't have a stick. Life sucks right now.

The Pens go to the locker room down 3 goals.

And then comes the 3rd period. We need an early goal to get things going. And who better to do it than Malkin. 3-1 lightning with a lot of time left on the clock.

The Refs would come up big for the lightning. They completely miss Malkin getting hit in the face with a stick at 9:15 but, 10 seconds later they call Whitney for holding the stick. If Tampa Bay would have scored, i would never watch Hockey agian. But thankfully the Pens kill it off.

5:54 the world stopped turning, a dark cloud came over the Igloo, lightning struck the ice at the left point as Mark Eaton winds up a slap shot, it was like slow motion, the puck deflects off a Tampa stick in front, the puck hits the back of the net. 3-2 lightning with a lot of time left.

5:07 The Seasoned Veteran Gary Roberts makes a Rookie mistake. Matt Cooke gets under his skin causing Roberts to knock him to the ice. The Pens go on a power play, a entire town was destroyed in Africa.

The Pens make him pay with 30 second left on the man advantage, the game is tied but, even more impressive, the Pens scored on a power play. That's reason to celebrate on its own. The parade is scheduled for noon tomorrow.

The both goalies have to make big saves in the final minute of the game, and this one is going to overtime.

The Pens needed the entire ot period to make the comeback complete. Talbot puts one in the net with 36 second left but it was also 2 seconds after the Ref blew the whistle. If you cheered you're retarded.

But Malkin would put it in the books. 4-3 overtime win for the Pens.
The Pens turned this game around and played like they wanted it, Hopefully they can do the same with the season.

Next game on Friday. Go Pens

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