Monday, February 2, 2009

The Steelers

I find it very interesting that The Wicked Wrister contributor Arlow has not commented on the Steelers getting lucky in the last 2 minutes of the game to get a championship that the #1 defense tried so hard to give to the Cards. The game was as entertaining as it can get for football, which that really isn't saying much, but a win is a win. Hats off to the Steelers for another championship, but more importantly, hats off to the city of Pittsburgh. Now having that out of the way, on to the Penguins and the growing concern that the playoff run will have to wait until next season.
The Supension of Tyler Kennedy (bullshit) will open the door for the Luca Caputi, the best thing to happen to ice hockey since the Zamboni. As for me this is a much anticipated call up. This kid has got skill. Lets just hope he isn't buried on the 4th line.

With a little over a month left before the big day, the Rumor sites should start throwing shit out there that just doesn't make sense, like the "Malkin to the Kings" rumors of last season.
Something of a surprise Ray Shero is willing to make a deal come trade deadline. Let's hope we can avoid another Marian Hossa off season, will he sign, won't he sign bullshit.
Everybody but a member of "the Core" is trade able. There is that one guy in Atlanta, i hear he is pretty good.

The Pens meet the Canadiens tomorrow in Montreal, the Habs have someone whose contract is up, he would look really good burying a pass from Crosby. I think he wears #27.

GO Pens

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