Monday, September 22, 2008

Pens vs. Lightning Rematch

The Penguins will play their second pre-season game tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning in Tampa, and they may see some very familiar faces on the opposing team.

Former Penguins Ryan Malone, Mark Recchi, Gary Roberts and Adam Hall all signed with Tampa Bay in the off-season, and this will be the Lightning’s first game on home ice under new ownership following a busy off-season.

a deal could have been done with Bugsy whatever.
water under the bridge if you ask me, a long with hossa, i wish them the best of luck but i am sick of hearing about it. they were penguins, they are not anymore, get over it and move on.
Satan will make you forget about hossa

Nobody is saying anything about Gonchar. unlike a previous penguin enforcer Godard will find you and put the beat down

how many time last season did you want BGL to do this, whether other players were afraid to throw down with him or not, the revenge factor was never there. the meaningless first period fights between heavy weights on each team was getting old. i thought Roberts (when he was healthy) was a better enforcer than BGL was

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