Friday, September 26, 2008

some news

solid read in the pg about the pens past sports interests.

Its not sounding very good on the Gonchar front.

why did Malkin replace Gonchar. here

(imagine this guy in a pens jersey)

talk about Gaborik is already popping up on all the "pull a rumor out of my ass" sites. i cant wait to see how many times i see "Gabork to pit(e5)"

#1-Pittsburgh Penguins: Ok you can talk all you want about what they lost, but what they kept is so much more important. The Penguins have the two best players in all of hockey, and I am still not certain which of them is the absolute best. The Penguins young defense is only going to improve. I am very concerned about Gonchar's current injury. Last I heard, as of last night, the swelling still hadn't subsided to the point where Gonchar's shoulder could even been examined fully. However, unless he is gone for several months I am still putting the Pens at #1. I think that Satan will easily take the Malone points and perhaps even better them, and keeping Orpik was huge to me and I admit completely surprising. MAF is only going to get better as well. And we could easily see Gaborik here at the deadline.

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