Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The State of the Penguins

With key players out of the line up with long term injuries, some would think that the pens will have a rough start to the 08/09 campaign. I, on the other hand, think the exact oppisite. when the Pens started playing their best hockey it was in the face of adversity.

When Maf'er went down nobody could have predicted that the 3rd string goalie would have come in and been so clutch down the stretch.

Everybody thought Malkin was one of the best but, when crosby went down, did anybody really expect that. Malkin and Conks put the team on their shoulders and carried them to the playoffs

What i'm saying is, the depth this team has is nothing short of impressive, especially on the blue line, Although there isnt a better power play quarterback in the league than Gonch, Does anybody really know what Kris Letang can do back there, does anybody really know what Alex Goligoski will be able to accomplish.

Sydor/Gil are there to add the Veteran leadership that everbody says is so important.

When Mark Eaton was healthy last year, how solid was he, one of the best shot blockers in league. Rob Scuderi has been nothing short of solid every since playing with anyone other than Melichar.

so fear not Pens fans and fellow d-bags, when good teams face adversity, they get through it and are that much better when the starters get back.

We may have lost Gonch and Whitney for what seems like the entire season, we still have what it takes to choke slam the eastern conference untill they return.

(Penguin tested/Paul Coffey approved)

When Whitney and Gonch are healthy there will be a tough decision to make regarding the Power play


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