Friday, September 26, 2008

the wicked sister revealed

P.sqy took me to my first hockey game about 10 years ago and I was hooked. I love going to hockey games with him. We were entering the arena with some other people and he turns to me and says "don't leave my sight", I say "I am 25 years old" P.sqy " I don't care little people like you get taken in these places all the time".

I do love hockey and Jordan Staal and I plan to give you more of a girl's point of view. I might see some things a little differently than the boys. Rocco and myself are here to keep these silly boys focused on the mission....and the mission is

to make sure the rest of the hockey world doesn't find out their just a bunch of douchebag hockey player wannabes!!! Score for the chics 1-douchebag wannabes 000000!

Any reply Boots.

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c said...

to the wicked sister....rock on to the hockey bitches!!!!!!!!!!

to the wicked comments are not needed from hockey fans.....we leave you alone...and lay off my ben....i know where you live.