Friday, September 26, 2008

Rocco The Wicked Wrister Advisor

With the season rapidly aproaching, their are some questions that are on everybodies mind
for instance:

who will play with crosby-will Staal be flanking Geno-will pesonen make it-
With HCMT it could be late february before we see line combos that stick together

Will this blog last the entire season/will anybody see it?
Will Arlow make it big/will Boots ever make a post to the wrister?

we here at wicked wrister dont really know anything so thats why we went out and got
an advisor for all the questions and problems that will come up through out the 08/09 season.

one person knows the answer to all of this.
we just recently got him signed to a one year deal worth all you can eat KFC and and a lifetime of "yo mama" jokes.

he will be here to keep us in check

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